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:star: The Pen-Pal Birthday Card To-Do List:
:bulletred: January:
:icongreedlin: - January 8
:icontarin-san: - January 16
:iconfairymoon95: - January 20

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:iconhamstar27: - February 4
:iconnekkohime: - February 8
:iconlittle-star14: - February 9
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:iconmedli45: - September 1
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:iconocean-spirits: - September 27
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:icongreenandnavybluerae: - October 4
:iconequigoyle: - October 4

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:iconbella-eis: - December 14
:icontooloftheday: - December 11
:iconepikalstorms: - December 22
:iconcolormymemory: - December 23

:bulletpurple: N/A:
:iconamiyaen: -
:iconobi-quiet: -

:bulletpink: Real Life Buddies:
:heart: Sweetie: :icondarthschwaby: - February 21
:iconsalamangkiro: - July 8
Grimm - June 5th
Bre - February 7
Dan and Jo - March 11

:star: The To-Do List:
:iconalchemyfox: - OC
:iconphanatyy: - Kano from Mekakucity Actors
:iconrecklesskaiser: - Vinyl Scratch
:iconmedli45: - Xerxes Break and Sharon
:iconvoraceailes: - Fai and Kurogane from Tsubasa Crhonicle.
:iconbluebell-sumi: - Naru from Barakamon

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SpeedyAlchemist's Profile Picture
Jenna Maria Gentry
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
superhero weekly feature theme
Hello! My name is Jenna Gentry! But you can call me Speedy!
I fell in love with Japanese culture since I was a small girl and it’s stuck with me ever since.

My greatest aspiration is to one day become a Published Novelist and I have been working towards that goal since I turned eleven years old. I write as much Original work as I can and hope to one day make it into the business I love so much! The motto in my family is Achieve your goals and I’ve taken that to heart.

Feel free to say hello! I’m always happy to meet new friends!
superhero weekly feature theme
-Fullmetal Alchemist- (Original) was the first form of Fiction to really touch my heart. Without it I would not have found my voice in writing, for I didn’t know that emotion could be so important.

-Sonic The Hedgehog- Growing up playing the games and watching the shows, it really was a big deal to me as a kid. I started by writing Sonic Fan Fiction and without it I would not have learned how to write at all.

-Codename: Kids Next Door- Although a really weird show with its fair share of flaws it was my childhood in a nut shell and taught me from a young age to be alright with who I was as a kid and to always stay one at heart.

-Star Wars- Because every kid growing up wants to one day be a Jedi! I am no exception!

-The Waltons- This show about the great depression was the very beginning of my inspiration, because of watching the character John Boy write his Novel and say, “Writing is like magic.” I would have never known how very right those words were.

-Vic Mignogna- Cause this guy is an inspiration to everyone in the creative field and is super nice to boot. If I ever get my Novels Published, he’s getting one dedicated to him.

And most of all Jesus, for without him my life would be meaningless. ^^

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Risembool Ranger Forum
superhero weekly feature theme
Book 1: The Secret City - Finished - 22,180 Words - Novella
Book 2: Omoi From The Heart (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 35,188 Words - Novella
Book 3: Unreachable - Finished - 32,242 Words - Novella
Book 4: The Runner - Finished - 54,106 Words - Novel
Book 5: Tyrant - Finished - 18,981 Words - Novelette
Book 6: Moonflower - Finished- 17,791 Words - Novelette
Book 7: Twin Pistols - Finished - 29,770 Words - Novella
Book 8: Succubus - Finished - 21,966 Words - Novella
Book 9: Kokoro In The Spirit (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 46,675 Words - Novel
Book 10: Chuushin Within The Mind (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 41,213 Words - Novel
Book 11: Caged - Finished - 9,435 Words - Novelette
Book 12: Chains of Gold - Finished - 38,707 Words - Novella
Book 13: Black Roses - Finished - 21,225 Words - Novella
Book 14: Festival Spirits - Finished - 9,274 Words - Novelette

superhero weekly feature theme
Demons and Michaels - Up To Chapter 7
Fall In Love With Me, Harriet!! - Up To Chapter 2
Luka the Reaper - Up To Chapter 2
The Sage's Eyes - Up To Chapter 3
The Pool of the Gods - Up To Chapter 4

superhero weekly feature theme
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:bulletblue: Family:
:iconsamusxtreme: :iconwaterbender899: :iconvalerianwizard:

:heart: My Fiancé:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. -Matthew 22:37
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My friend :iconarcticfox223: made a game!!  Check it out and vote for it please. :la:…

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My friend :iconarcticfox223: made a game!!  Check it out and vote for it please. :la:…
^__^ by SpeedyAlchemist
My Fiancé is a cutie pie!! :heart:

Thank you for all the well wishes for us, guys.  Much lovelovelove to you all. :la: :dance: :hug: :glomp:
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tumblr ncgzjx XCNq1td6y6ho1 250
Hello everyone.  I just wanted to share this special day with you.
I'm now engaged to the man I love, he asked me to marry him. :heart: 
Happy New Year~ *Glitter spreads everywhere as I fly off into space on pure joy*

  • Mood: Jolly
I'm so excited guys!!  My Sweetie's coming down!!  And I get to see Grandma again!!  I absolutely LOVE this time of year!!
I'm going to Church today to sing Christmas songs and our tree's all decorated!!  Isn't this a great holiday?
I'm going to see Star Wars on New Years with my Honey too, we waited YEARS for this so its exciting! ( No spoilers please. =) )

How are you all?  What are your plans this Christmas? =D

God bless you all!!


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