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Jenna Maria Gentry
Artist | Student | Literature
United States
superhero weekly feature theme
Hello! My name is Jenna Gentry! But you can call me Speedy!
I fell in love with Japanese culture since I was a small girl and it’s stuck with me ever since. God willing, I would like to live there some day.

My greatest aspiration is to one day become a Published Novelist and I have been working towards that goal since I turned eleven years old. I write as much Original work as I can and hope to one day make it into the business I love so much! The motto in my family is Achieve your goals and I’ve taken that to heart.

Feel free to say hello! I’m always happy to meet new friends!
superhero weekly feature theme
-Fullmetal Alchemist- (Original) was the first form of Fiction to really touch my heart. Without it I would not have found my voice in writing, for I didn’t know that emotion could be so important.

-Sonic The Hedgehog- Growing up playing the games and watching the shows, it really was a big deal to me as a kid. I started by writing Sonic Fan Fiction and without it I would not have learned how to write at all.

-Codename: Kids Next Door- Although a really weird show with its fair share of flaws it was my childhood in a nut shell and taught me from a young age to be alright with who I was as a kid and to always stay one at heart.

-The Waltons- This show about the great depression was the very beginning of my life and spirit, because of watching the character John Boy write his Novel and say, “Writing is like magic.” I would have never known how very right those words were.

-Vic Mignogna- Cause this guy is an inspiration to everyone in the creative field and is super nice to boot. If I ever get my Novels Published, he’s getting one dedicated to him.

And most of all Jesus, for without him my life would be meaningless. ^^

superhero weekly feature theme
Risembool Ranger Forum
superhero weekly feature theme
Book 1: The Secret City - Finished - 22,180 Words - Novella
Book 2: Omoi From The Heart (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 35,188 Words - Novella
Book 3: Unreachable - Finished - 32,242 Words - Novella
Book 4: The Runner - Finished - 54,106 Words - Novel
Book 5: Tyrant - Finished - 18,981 Words - Novelette
Book 6: Moonflower - Finished- 17,791 Words - Novelette
Book 7: Twin Pistols - Finished - 29,770 Words - Novella
Book 8: Succubus - Finished - 21,966 Words - Novella
Book 9: Kokoro In The Spirit (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 46,675 Words - Novel
Book 10: Chuushin Within The Mind (Series: Hearts) - Finished - 41,213 Words - Novel
Book 11: Caged - Finished - 9,435 Words - Novelette
Book 12: Chains of Gold - Finished - 38,707 Words - Novella
Book 13: Black Roses - Finished - 21,225 Words - Novella

superhero weekly feature theme
Demons and Michaels - Up To Chapter 7
Fall In Love With Me, Harriet!! - Up To Chapter 2
Luka the Reaper - Up To Chapter 2
The Sage's Eyes - Up To Chapter 3
The Pool of the Gods - Up To Chapter 4

superhero weekly feature theme
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:heart: My Sweetheart:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. -Matthew 22:37
Hey guys!  Haha, figured its never too early to start when it comes to being thankful!
I'm thankful to God more than anything!  And here are the other wonderful things I'm thankful for! :icongawwplz:

I'm going to start right at the top!  I have a young man I'm in a relationship with and he's the most amazing, special part of my life.  I'm most thankful to him and I always will be, cause he has my heart. :iconalaughplz:

I'm thankful for my kitty Ghost!  And my family! :iconohalrightplz:

I'm thankful for my friends, those I met at college and here and everywhere else!  To those I met in College, thank you for putting up with me haha!  And thank you for accepting me for who I am!  To those I met here, thank you for being so kind and encouraging towards me! :iconpuppyyayplz:

Thank you Medli!  :iconmedli45:  You're a treasure and you're really kind and sweet! :iconchinaaruplz:

Thank you Heza!  :iconheza-chan:  You're always there for me!  You're awesome!! :icondeyedplz:

I'm thankful for Artists who inspire me: Artists that Inspire Me!Hehe!  Today's been a terrific day.  Everyone is awesome!! 
Yes!  I thought it'd be super fun to show off some amazing Artists about!!  Well, you all inspire me haha, so this is at least a few I'm gonna Feature!
So here are some artists who inspire me!! :iconpuppyyayplz: 
I probably missed quite a few but Speedy's a scatter-brain so don't worry!  I probably just missed a few. :iconladies-plz:
Take a look at all the awesomeness!
:iconmedli45: Medli's my Super Special Awesome Buddy!  She's also amazingly talented! :hug:

:iconcafe-lalonde: She's so awesome!  Such a sweet person too! :glomp:

:iconheza-chan: My girl Heza!  She's terrific!  Check out her works! :huggle:

And I'm thankful to a huge amount of people and friends so I'll leave this here haha from last time cause its still ever bit as true: False Alarm! - Friends and friendship + BirthdaysNever mind, it was a false alarm, I wasn't hacked.  Phew! XD
I've been thinking about this a lot, and I wanted to post a really sappy post about it. =)
I've been home-schooled my entire life, up until I went to College, and I've always had trouble making friends.  I'm very shy.  I get nervous and my interests are kinda unusual for a girl my age, they always have been, but especially now that I'm in my 20s.  I've been going over things in my mind, and I know this might sound corny or weird or whatever, but know I mean it completely honestly.  I don't think my life would be nearly as special if I didn't know people like you, my family, my friends IRL, and those of you I met online growing up or even now.  I think that it's very important to get to know other people and take an interest in their lives so you can share in the interests and the blessings and the fun and adventure, as well as share personal feelings and emotions so to better understand one anoth

I'm thankful the wonderful road ahead, spending time with my wonderful young man, working on writing and a graphic novel with one of my best friends and spending time with the Rangers! :iconthe-da-ranger-group:  Thankful for so much fun in my life!  Working on college, and learning things every day!  I'm really thankful for all the opportunities in my life! :iconclassymanplz:

What are you thankful for?  I hope you all remember to cherish the lives you have and to spread happiness all around you!  Cause Jesus loves you and your friends love you too!  :iconshaplz:

Oh yeah, a little note for those of you guys looking for Contests to enter, here are some of them about you might enjoy!
Hotaru CONTEST ( 600 Points,art and feature)Hello! 
This is my very first contest in DA! I won some points from a contest and thought I will have my own contest this timeLa la la la 
Topic- Hotaru/ Fireflies
You would need to draw character(s) in  the setting of Fireflies. The character(s) can be your OC or any anime/manga character. Your aim will be to depict the mood/ the environment and the expression that goes with the setting.Fireflies are portrayed so beautifully and mysteriously in anime or other media, I find them interesting and wanted to see more drawings inspired on this theme.So I would look forward to your art Love 
Contest starts on the 1st of November and ends on 30th December, 2014 (deadline)

Anybody can join this contest! Please +fav this journal.If you wanna join, comment on the journal and when you complete the work,post the link here. The winners will be chosen by a Judge. I will
  Ranger Activity: Song Ilistration Contest [ART]Hey you Artist Rangers!!  We're going to try a new sort of unique contest today!  Sound cool?  Alright then!
:bulletred: Entries:
:iconbuddygoogle: -
:iconkageninja37: -
Have you guys seen artists illustrate a whole song, lyrics and all?  It's really a marvel, and a lot of fun to scroll down as the lyrics of the song you listen to match the artworks.  Well, why not try that for a contest theme?  
In case you're having trouble picturing what I mean, take a look at this:
This Artist took the song Look How Far We've Come by Imagine Dragons, and illustrated it using Sonic.  As you scroll down, you see that each picture matches the lyrics in spirit.  
This has been done by other artists, here's an awesome Fullmetal one to Castle of Glass by Linkin Park:

And a really cool Project for sending Christmas Cards to sick kids:
Ranger Activity: Christmas Cards for Kids!:santa: Online Cards Finished:

:santa: Cards Received in mail:
:star: 1
Hello all you wonderful people!  We know that this is still October haha but this is something we have to start early!  What's the big Christmas project along with Purple's Secret Ranger?  Well here it is! :santa:
The Risembool Rangers this year, and maybe years to come, are going to host a Project to make Custom Merry Christmas Cards for Kids! :holly:
There are a lot of Hospitalized kids even over the Holidays, and we thought we'd like to try and make somebody's day!  But to do that, we need your help!  All you Artists and Letter Writers out there, we're going to make a team effort to spread some good will!  Sound like fun?  Alright, here's how to participate!  The kids are gonna love it! :la:
Feel free to spread the word of this Project around!  We'd love to have as many people participating as possible! :dance:
:santa: :

Love you all!!

  • Mood: Caring
  • Listening to: Sally Can I See You - Kimbra
  • Reading: Pandora Hearts Volume 21
  • Watching: Free!: Eternal Summer
  • Playing: Guild Wars 2

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Free Skecth Project: Labyrinth by SpeedyAlchemist
Free Skecth Project: Labyrinth
Labyrinth!  I've never seen this movie so sorry if I got his character wrong!  (I'm afraid of puppets haha, except for Yoda. XD)

A little giftie for my new friend :iconautumn-maple: ! =D
Secret Ranger: For Adi by SpeedyAlchemist
Secret Ranger: For Adi
Edward Elric from Fullmetal Alchemist!  Merry Christmas :iconadi-arty: I'm one of your Secret Rangers! :iconpuppyyayplz:

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