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June 16, 2012
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My Anime Shelf June 2012 by SpeedyAlchemist My Anime Shelf June 2012 by SpeedyAlchemist
Download for full size and a better look.
The photos at the top are zoomed-in of my Collection. Took me a while to take pictures since they kept blurring.
Sonic Collection is on the bottom two shelves, I have a lot of Comic Books, proof I'm still a Sonic Nerd. lol
Picked up a lot of new Anime too!! Only thing I'm missing is the Macross Volumes.

I have a general rule of mine that I have to buy every Anime I watch regardless of how much I take a liking to it so I have a lot on the list hahaha, I can enjoy most Anime though, only a few have made me do the rage face. XD

At the bottom are special items, Suzzan Collins's Autographed copy made out to me, the Fullmetal Alchemist Original Production Cel, and my Vic Mignogna and Michele Spect (She was in the movie~) Fullmetal Alchemist T-Shirt. (Johnny Yong Bosch Autographed the back too.)

I took pictures of my other autographs too but there are just too many because I'm a Nerd. (Have Tara Strong's Autograph too. <3)

The "Flip Book" thing that you are probably wondering about actually is a mini-animation with a dozen of pictures. It's of Vic (Mignogna) and I doing the clap-Alchemy thing and him giving me a kiss on the cheek. YES, I ACTUALLY ASKED HIM TO DO THE CLAP THING. DON'T JUDGE ME! *Dies* XD

I'm a total Dork, I've asked Johnny Yong Bosch to do "Love and Peace" with me before, I must be embarrassing hahaha. XD

The little figures of Al Winry and Olivia are actually pretty rare, I won them in a lottery while in a Japanese Comic Book Store, IN JAPAN! Some lucky guy won Al's helmet too. <3

Ask me questions about things! Cause a lot of them have stories to them. I found most of the Merch while living in Japan for three months. I hope to be back there some day! ^__^
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GahBlah Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I spy Yusuke! 8D
And this is such an amazing collection! I have quite a bit of anime and manga because my two brothers and I buy them, but you actually have rare and signed stuff! I hope my collection is as awesome as yours one day ~ :iconshaplz:
SpeedyAlchemist Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Student Writer

Yusuke is awesome. :giggle:


You should post pics of yours!

Aw thank ya!  I'm a big Nerd but collecting is such fun! <D

GahBlah Featured By Owner Sep 3, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
I would post pictures, but my Anime/Manga is kind of scattered about... It's not all nice and organized like yours ^^;

Hey, being a Nerd is so much fun though! I love collecting stuff as well ~
TwilightFoxx Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Student General Artist
Oh wow! You are so lucky! I would love to go to Japan someday. =) I love you're collection
SpeedyAlchemist Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Student Writer
It's a lovely place. I plan on living there after College. ^_^
TwilightFoxx Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012  Student General Artist
cool! ^^
KrazyKat22 Featured By Owner Jun 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I see you hiding in the dark Edward Elric!
lol xD
SpeedyAlchemist Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Student Writer
lol Al's there too. XD
KrazyKat22 Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:w00t::w00t!: xD
LenOdonnel Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2012
If I promised to marry you, would you share your collection with me? :heart: lol

Seriously, you have a really awesome collection. It must've taken years to put that shelf together :D
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